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The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The list of vendors is provided simply as a resource to assist you. Vendors may be added or removed at any time at the Association's discretion. Residents are in no way obliged to use listed vendor's services, and are free to use any vendor they deem fit, providing such vendor complies with all Rules and Regulations of the community.

Listed vendors are not affiliated, associated, or endorsed by the Association, Board of Directors, property management company and/or CondoSites by ODYSSEY (the operators of this website). We have not evaluated the vendors on this list and do not assume any liability arising out of the use of these vendors or their products. We make no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to services or products provided by vendors listed on this website. In no event shall we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever for any result from the use of the vendors listed.
Absolute Granite

5860 Halifax Ave, Fort Myers 33912
Foster Irrigation

2850 SW 23rd Place,Cape Coral, FL 33914

10905-1 Gladiolus Drive FORT MYERS, FLORIDA 33908
(239) 481-5737 FAX (239) 481-8231
Key Security Services

R Petralia Construction L.L.C.

(239) 443-7642

With 20+ years of experience, R Petralia Construction emphasizes on quality, consistency and reliability for each and every job, from start to finish!

Established in 2014, R Petralia Construction L.L.C. is committed to construction excellence, client satisfaction and efficient project delivery! 

R Petralia Construction L.L.C is a local family owned and operated business, with the help of Randy's wife Kristi, in the office and his 5 year old daughter Aubrey "The BOSS", at home, Randy strive's for the highest work standards and business reputation. 

R Petralia Construction L.L.C has been servicing Summerlin Trace Communities since October 2016. Randy has become a favorite of the home owners as well as the board members. 

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma in 2017, was disastrous and repairs were substantial. Summerlin Trace Communities contacted R Petralia Construction L.L.C and Randy was able to quickly assess and prioritize the emergency repairs needed and than he made sure all remaining repairs were completed at Summerlin Trace, ASAP.

RTI Insurance Services

9681 Gladiolus Dr. STE. 111, Fort Myers, FL 33908

“We are the insurance rep for the POA and Summerlin Trace No. 13.  We have had the opportunity to work with both associations for the past 2 years. We were able to save both associations 15% year over year by shopping the market and aggressively negotiating on the association’s behalf.  We also uncovered  that the association had been over paying for flood coverage, and were able to get returned premium for the past 3 years. 

 We have a claims person on our team dedicated to helping after storms.  Our main goal is to bring transparency to an industry that significant lacks it.  We will shop on behalf of the association every year to make sure they have access to best pricing and coverage available.

 We would love an opportunity to review and work with the other associations that we do not currently have a relationship with.”


Ruth Witczak's Cleaning Service,INC.

704 Zeppelin Place, Fort Myers, FL 33913

At Ruth Witczak's Cleaning Service customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have been in business for almost 13 years now, and we strive for perfection in our work as well as providing the best of service at affordable prices. We service both residential and commercial properties. We are experienced in services ranging from window cleaning and seasonal house cleaning to Seasonal Home Watch services. My employees are all friends and relatives. I find that this approach fosters loyalty, trust and an extremely high standard of work ethic. I hope you will explore the possibility of allowing us to service your cleaning needs.

Cleaning Service
Tim's Pool Time Inc.

P.O. Box 100753, Cape Coral, FL. 33910

Licensed and Insured

Pool Supplies/Service